Friday, November 23, 2012

End of day one

So, with the layout sat in the corner of the room with the glue setting there was nothing more to do for the day there. So I turned my attention to the loading screens. Surprisingly for such in interesting subject for the railway modeller there are precious few photographs for research material out there on the internet. The best pictures I've found on the interent are in this Flickr photostream. They certainly show the ends well enough but views of the sides are quite tough to find. In fact, the search is still going on.
I made an artists impression of what I imagined the loading screens looked like. It's a step in the right direction. We'll see what else I find out there and how things change the more info I find. 
It's all very well coming up with the idea but it helps to know what size the structure will actually be. So with the glue well on the way to setting I fleshed out the idea by placing track on the baseboard in the approximate position. It gives me an idea that the screens will cover an area of about 22" x 11".
There you have it. The first day done. A real mixed day. First the really good solid baseboard construction that makes you feel the project is progressing very well and then the research work. Though not showing any real progress is just as important.
Still at the end of the day I'm exactly where I expected to be. I don't know when the next appointment with the project will be though. It might not be until next year what with the holiday season now upon us. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for checking in today.
After writing this post I discovered a few more pictures of the screens that would seem to suggest that the arrangement is quite different to how I have interpreted the photos I first found. More to come...

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