Friday, November 23, 2012

Lunch at day one

It's 12:15 as I write this post. A scant four hours since I started and as you can see from the picture below the baseboard is as good as done. It is now faced with cork tile and is ready for track laying once the adhesive has set fully.
So, what has happened since the last posting?
Not as if you can't tell from the picture.
Well, while the adhesive was setting on the baseboard I found it necessary to go shopping for some cork tile for the baseboard surface (it turns out I had 4 square feet of cork for the surface and needed five) and foamcore board for the structures. My plan was to go to local DIY emporium Menards but when I got there the car park was chock full of Thanksgiving shoppers and not fancying an elbow digging fight in there I headed over to Office Max where I was almost the only shopper. On my return home the cork tile was glued down and everything now sits under a several years of National Geographic magazine setting.
In the picture above you can also see the tools used and the mess I have created so far. I think you will agree that's not many tools and not much mess.
So considering its lunch time I think I am a bit further on than I expected especially when you consider that most of the 4 hours so far have been devoted to glue setting.
Now I'll grab a bite of lunch and start to block out the loading screens. Give the structures some size and bulk to see how it sets out on the baseboard.
See you later.

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