Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Appointment with destiny

OK so that's a bit of a grandiose title for a blog post. But my first planned date to work on the new layout will be this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Not being keen to fight my way around any stores in search of bargains and having been totally smart-alecky and pretty well finished my Christmas shopping ALREADY. I've decided to let the wife go off on this annual consumer tradition.
The plan of action for the day will principally be to construct the baseboard. Which will be a simple task of slicing some 3/4" styrene sheet to frame the baseboard surface of 3/4 styrene. Much as you would if you were constructing a wooden baseboard. Then I'll face the baseboard surface with 1/8" cork tile. There are two purposes to that:
1. some sound deadening
2. give me something to pin into if necessary.
Whilst the glue on that little lot is setting I'll get the chance to block out the main loading screen structure and if the foam board adhesive sets fast enough there could even be track down by the end of the day. That would be something wouldn't it?
Check back here on Friday for "as it happens" updates.

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  1. I'll be looking forward to the updates! Your last 7-Day layout was a great read.