Monday, September 28, 2009

Lunch on Day One

Make it sound like a cricket commentary doesn't it?
So my trip to Menards was uneventful the cork tile was in stock and I got a few other bits and bobs too.
Lightweight spackle for my ground cover. The trackwork will be pretty much buried and lightweight spackle is my favourite material for the job. It dries white and takes the colour from the woodland scenics earth undercoat very well.
I also needed some woodworking glue and you can never have enough Stanley knife blades and with a pack of 100 on sale for $5 that was too good an offer to miss out on.
With that it was off home and get on with it.
A couple of hours later and it's lunchtime. The cork is down, the track is laid and a locomotive has run to check the electrics. I even installed the Kadee under the track uncoupler and it works perfectly much to my joy.
So this afternoon I'll spray the track with some dark earth to kill the plastic look of the sleepers. That's a trick I picked up from Lou Sassi's book "A realistic HO Scale layout for beginners" published by Kalmbach. A book I bought several years ago and still refer to to this day.
I'll probably even start on the one low relief building on the layout too.
...and now the batsmen emerge from the pavilion ready to start the afternoons play...

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