Sunday, July 12, 2015

Off we go again

So we begin again. With a couple of invites to model railway shows in the offing, (Granite City Train show and Princeton, MN train show, both in November) I really should get on and start the rebuilding work. 
The first problem area to work on was the track and the front uncoupler. I've made a concerted effort to straight the track out over and around the Kadee magnet and done quite a bit of testing so far and the performance is much improved. I will be doing still more testing and tweaking to hopefully make it perfect. The switch that leads into the yard has been replaced as my KISS method of using only the switch blades to keep current flowing through the turnout was failing an brand new PECO turnout was sourced and installed. Though it may yet come out if I decide to replace the second switch as well it too is a bit dodgy, but is more buried in place, so it would be more awkward to remove. As you can see I've already removed a lot of ground cover already in the other work so I would be loathe to remove any more. The final thing I've done is removed, and pretty well destroyed, the original factory building. The new structure is going to be much bigger , more in keeping with the heavy industry I have planned. There were a few twinges of regret when I started the out and out destruction but now progress is moving on I feel much better about things.

Track relaid, old structure removed and the area cleared for the new industry. 

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