Monday, June 15, 2015

Loaded up

The thing that has fascinated me about Hamon Deltak across the road from my workplace, is the varying types of loads that leave there on flat cars.
Here's just a couple that I've photographed (one that I have modeled)
Interesting view that shows some kind of transportation cradle fabricated from girders (painted yellow)

This interesting piece of equipment appeared in the yard today, It could make for a very interesting model load for the new layout.

A couple of years ago three of these huge heat exchangers appeared in the yard on a fleet of flat cars

Model based on the above photos. It's basically a box made from Styrene sheet
These loads aren't the kind of thing you can buy from a hobby shop, you really have to make them yourself. Best thing is you can guesstimate the size. They don't have to be spot on accurate. As long as the proportions look right, you'll be fine.

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