Friday, January 29, 2010

Git back on yer bike...

Oh how my moods shift!
To think that not but a few short hours ago I was feeling pretty darned sorry for myself at the thought of having ruined my GP10 project.
It's at times like this I remember the words of my late Dad. Who, when I fell off my bike when learning to ride as a child would tell me to get back on and not let it beat me.
So I took a closer look at the chassis and the body together and saw that there was no way on earth that the body would fit over the chassis. The weight was far too big for a start, it was shaped for a hi-nose not the cut away nose of the kit.
I saw that it wouldn't take too much work to trim the weight to fit. So I decided that the best course of action would be to cut the weight down to size and then splice the Kaslo kit cab and nose onto the P2000 GP7 body. This I did rather speedily and a picture of a test fit can be seen below...
I think it's going to work... (by the way that large lump of metal is the weight removed from the nose)

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