Sunday, February 21, 2010

the layout effect

Once in a while something happens. Something that comes at you so totally out of the blue that just blows you away. Wingetts recycling has already done that to me once with Jeremiah and Brandon at the Princeton Train show and yesterday it happened again.
I was presenting the first of a series of workshops on designing and building a small model railroad at the Princeton Model Train Club. The first session was well attended and I think I captured a few peoples imagination.
One person in particular. We shall call him Tim (for I think that was his name, sometimes I'm so bad remembering names). He had bought has father along to attend the workshop. He wasn't really all that interested in Model Railroads. But then he took a look at Wingetts and pulled up a chair and started to take a very serious interest in the model. It turned out that he works at Phillips Recycling! He recognised the building and the piles of wheels. He was very impressed with the model the atmosphere was exactly right. The only thing that he could see missing was some holes in the sheet metal walls of the building.
I did glean some interesting tidbits about the real thing. For example you will have seen in some of my pictures of Phillips that the piles of wheels have white and blue patches painted on the end of the axles. I often wondered why this was. It turns out that this was to identify different size and weight of wheels for when they are sold on.
Once again, I was blown away that this little model, that I knocked up in less than a week could interest someone so much.

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